Does Smoking Really Affect Your Teeth?

Let's face it; a smoke break wouldn't be near as effective if one couldn't smoke! But can smoking significantly affect the appearance of your teeth? The answer is absolutely. In fact, nicotine stains, according to a vast majority of dental professionals, can be one of the most difficult surface stains to remove. Removing stains cause by the nicotine in smoking can take up to twice as long to whiten or lighten. There are some cases where patients have continued to lighten their teeth, never reaching the desired shade of white. Most cigarettes (commercial, mainstream cigarettes) produce what scientists consider to be a black smoke. Black smoke penetrates through the enamel making its way into the tooth, bonding and discoloring the salt crystals that form the overall tooth.

While there is no debating the challenge of managing nicotine staining in the teeth, for those avid smokers, that know they have no plans of giving it up, there are a few things that can be done to minimize the effect of the smoking aftermath. First of all, dentists recommend that, obviously, you reduce the amount of smoking in which you engage per day. Secondly, after each smoke break you should rinse with a gentle mouthwash or even brush lightly with a non abrasive toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Brushing with pastes that are heavy with peroxide or fluoride can actually wear away the protective enamel, resulting in an undesirable shade. It is understandable that no everyone can always brush right after smoking. If this is your case, it is highly recommended that you drink a glass of water. Avoid following your smoke break with a soda, or cup or hot coffee or tea. Hot drinks alone, can increase the "set" at which stains with latch on, and coffee and tea present their own level of negative effects.

If you are a regular smoker it is also very important that you setup and keep up with regularly scheduled professional cleaning. Your dentist will also be able to provide you with additional care instruction for meaning your teeth along side your smoking habit. Some dental offices also provide clients with a graphic image of what their teeth can look like in ten or twenty years. These results have also been known to help those trying to quite, make the final decision to quit. For more information on the effects of nicotine on your teeth, including your tongue and gums, see your dental professional.

How to Cure Bad Breath With Information

Many of us have bleeding gums. If you want to know how to cure bad breath you must know that bleeding gums can be a cause of halitosis. This is because blood is a protein. Bacteria live off the protein in fact, bacteria thrive on bleeding gums. If this is left untreated then the bacteria will increase and the gums will become more and more swollen and inflamed and bleed even more. These conditions are perfect for bacteria to increase. These bacteria produce sulfur. Sulfur is a foul smelling gas that makes breath smell just as bad. The more bacteria there is the more sulfur is produced and the worse your breath will smell.

It is advisable to use gel or mouthwash that contains whole leaf Aloe Vera. This plant enables the body to make more collagen. It is the collagen that fortifies the gums so they can heal quickly. Once the gums are healthy and stop bleeding you can prevent the bacteria from increasing by continuing to use the Aloe Vera. To give your mouth a better chance of overcoming foul breath these products also contain oxygen. This method is so effective the products are patented.

The easiest way to find out how to cure bad breath is to get as much information as possible. Not everyone is aware that it is better to use a gel than a paste to clean your mouth and teeth. This is not a marketing ploy. Gel has tinier molecules and so it infiltrates under the tongue's surface where most of the sulfur producing bacteria are.

Finding out how to cure bad breath can take up a lot of time and money if you don't have accurate information to guide you. Those of us who suffer from halitosis are vulnerable and easy to convince. Before spending any more cash on products that don't work make sure they contain both oxygen and Aloe Vera.

The Advantages of Teeth Whiteners

Everyone wants to look beautiful as well as pleasing to others. For this to become visible they clean and do various procedures on their face, but they conveniently ignore their teeth. Only, some of us realize that the teeth have other functions apart from chewing the food. The teeth enhance the overall appeal of the face. In other words, if you could whiten those yellow or brown stained teeth of yours, you are going to have a good time meeting newer people. If you are confused on how to proceed in this specific ordeal, allow me to introduce teeth whiteners.

This is no rocket science. Teeth whiteners are employed to whiten the teeth. There are many products in this niche. Some of them claim to whiten the teeth while some others are augmented with enhanced functionality. These functions include eliminating bad breath and enhancing the overall health of the mouth. Did you know that numerous germs and microbes are known to thrive in the mouth? These are usually harmless, but when they are combined with other compounds, they tend to disrupt the teeth structure and induce various oral conditions.

Are there any factors that must be considered when one is administering teeth whiteners? Yes, there are plenty and we will be looking at some of them in the following passage. People invest on these products without much thought. Once they find that the color of the teeth is back to normalcy, they start indulging in the activities that discolored their teeth on the first place. Smoking, consuming fast foods and aerated drinks will have the teeth stained. Once the effects are realized, one should start altering the diet habits so that the discoloration does not come forth. This is a crucial point and should not be ignored.

Home teeth whiteners can be found in plenty these days. Do not be confused by the term "home teeth whiteners" these are products that can whiten your teeth and these products can be found in any average house. Typical examples for these types of products are salt and lime. When used in the proper manner and in the correct concentration, one will be able to whiten their teeth without much effort. Instead of spending on expensive teeth whitening systems, it is conventional for people to opt for such whitening schemes. The result is the same, i.e. whitening the teeth effectively.

Although these whitening agents prove to be beneficial, they must only be administered in the required quantities. This is a slow process and when you find that the discoloration is not alleviating, do not increase the quantity of whitening agents. Increasing the whitening agents can produce grave results. Keep in mind that you are experimenting with your teeth. There will be a boost to the overall personality of the consumer. Ignore the misconceptions that are known to ply in this arena and invest on some of the best teeth whitening products. You are never going to regret that decision of yours!